Friday, May 29, 2009

where's lisse - Tutorial ep 1982

another ' underground band 'that they sound abit of chameleons ' get it here:

Saturday, May 23, 2009


another factory band , produce by martin hanneth i recomended this band for another great for your collection of postpunk enjoy Get it

The wake - here comes everybody lp

the second album by the wake ' this album is so great i never get tired listening to this.Get it here:

The Wake - Harmony lp

here's another factory band ' played with new order and joy division and other acts of the factory records.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


this is another band that ' sounded like the early in silence by fra lippo lippi,another great postpunk band.

sorry: this will be re-upload later this week.

DEATH IN JUNE - the guilty have no past 1981-1983 cd

this one is my favorite album of death in june , they are realy good on this album very close to joy division ' i know some of other works of death in june is realy slow and very avant garde but anyway try it'


one of the greatest band of the eighties.

AND ALSO THE TREES - live in lyon france 1988

this is one of the best classic live by and also the trees, nothing else to say about them,the house of the heart.

Shadow of fear - the black ep

here's another treat for you ' shadow of fear, very dark with a punker goth... check this out.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

MALARIA - emotion lp

malaria, another great band ' a postwave band from berlin.

new link: here

asylum party - 1989 mere'

another very good coldwave band asylum party the lyrics is frence but the music' style you will love it ,i compare this band to the essence and sad lovers and giants this is the midnight music check them out .Get it here:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gestalt - le sommeil du singe lp

1988 release another one of the best postpunk band from france gestalt, comparison to the other band like norma loy - lucie cries -odessa - les maitres and much more . but anyway you will love this one its a great album .

Odessa - attente 7 e.p

i recommended this band to everyone , this is very close to joy division the vocals the music and the styles stick this to your postpunk 80s collection well done.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Abecedarians - the otherside of the fence lp

this is a great record to collect very hard to find now this days,and if you find any album or cd by this band buy it highly recomended this is the postpunk :

Leitmotiv - lp

here you go ' another great postpunk band from france a coldwave crossover.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Coitus int - 1982

this is another joy division alike, the style the music and the voice just a bit different but the sound is realy good i love this record enjoy it.

Clair Obscur - Smurf in the gulag { 12 inch ep }

this is very rare for clair obscur, now this days its,' realy hard to find this 12 inch single' record' the song smurf in the gulag.

Norma Loy - Psychic altercation rewind

another' great band from france' not too many people' heard the music of norma loy but if you do not' heard them yet ' this is your chance to listen to their music '

Siglo xx - Dreams of pleasure Ep

this is the earliest siglo xx release they are more like joy division here sound like .Get it here:

TROP TARD - 1987

here's another great band from france cold trop tard it's like the noisy jesus and mary chain feedback new wave style try this one '