Saturday, February 25, 2012

WALTER HOLLAND - relativity 12' mlp 1986

walter holland California-based synthesist and guitarist honed his chops in the progressive rock band Amber Route. His solo albums firmly state his love of powerful, rock-anthem-style electronic pieces inspired in part by Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd. Holland has also been instrumental in supporting the vital underground electronic scene that continues to develop outside the mainstream music industry. Toward this end, he established his independent Coriolis record label and distribution company, which released the critically acclaimed, multi-artist concept album Dali: the Endless Enigma (see entry under the collections and compilations of various artists at the end of this chapter).


1.the twin paradox

2.the michelson -morley experiment
3.the inertial mass
4.the behaviour of clocks in motion


THE VISIBLE TARGETS - autistic savant 12' mlp 1983

new wave band from seattle washington u s a and their second release in 1983 from Park Avenue Records....

tracks in the twilite zone

2.the cure


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

CRAWL AWAY MACHINE - map of asia 12' ep 1985

this is another u.s band from san francisco california and' under cd present records'ltd' ripped 2 song from this ep enjoy....

tracks of asia



Sunday, February 5, 2012

HAMBI & THE DANCE - l'image craque 7' 1981

Hambi and the dance, originated from Liverpool as far as i’m aware, the only album i’m aware of is “Heartache” released on Virgin records in 1982 which includes the brilliant single “L’Image Craque” plus singles, “Too late to fly the flag” and “Living in a heartache” They were lead by “Hambi” with the bass player being “Garry ‘Gazza’ Johnson” who later went on to enjoy success with “China Crisis” There were a few other singles and bits and pieces released, but as far as i’m aware nothing has ever been released on C.D., unless you know different..


1.l'image craque

2.l'image craque [ dub]


THE BULLETS - power chords and promises lp 1987

this is a local band from the u.s ' and recorded at the sound chamber pasadena california' this lp was recorded in 1986' but the record was release in 87..


1.the certain glow

2.jut another crime
3.a minute or two
4.fact or fiction