Sunday, December 25, 2011

ANNABELLE'S GARDEN - Wo Sind Nur Eure Götter Hin' 1987

rpped' 2 song from this cd compilation' from their early recording..

tracks unknown child

2.thoughts of departure

Saturday, December 24, 2011

BLACK BOX APPROACH - echo 7'' 1982

this is another new wave band' another unheard new wave synth' abit similar to b movie check this out...

1.i'll just be here'


ONLY AFTER DARK - ghost of romance 7' 1982

uk'band only after dark' released in 1982'

ghost of romance

MOTHER MAY I - commercial 7'

this is another local band from the u.s' no released date for this record...


dr.doc .mr.doc

Sunday, December 11, 2011

NEW ALTERNATIVES LP - v/a compilation

this is the first release of new alternatives compilation' from the nightbreed label
and this compilation is totally amazing' lot's of classic band from the eighties'' this is highly recommended....


1.EVERY NEW DEAD GHOST - no change
2.CASUAL SANITY - another track
3.MOMENTO MORI - face that shone
4.CREAMING JESUS - hungerford
5.THE GARDEN OF PLEASURES - pandora's box
6.THE BLACK SKY - Desecration (Version)
7.MASS - someone else
8.SINS OF THE FLESH - Punishment (Detail)
9.THE WAKE r.s.v - storm is coming
10.NOSFERATU -bloodlust
11.NOMUZIC - The Dumping Ground
12.ROSETTA STONE - Chapter & Verse (Version)


Saturday, December 10, 2011

IGORS NIGHT OFF - we're having a' party ' 7' 1985

unknown batcave group from the uk' release on make away records 1985..


1.we're having a party [(Oooh-Oooh]
2.the other side


SPECIMEN - returning [ returning from a journey ]'' 7' 1983

Specimen are a British band formed in the 1980s. Their music has been described as spanning many different genres of music, including glam, goth, punk and post-punk, and the band is widely credited as one of the pioneers of the Gothic movement, both musically and stylistically.........


1.returning [ from a journey ]
2.kiss kiss bang bang


Sunday, December 4, 2011

AIRCRASH BUREAU - exhibition 12' 1989

Stephan Claus Kessler, Michael Will, Frank Schmidt
Profile:The EBM/Aggrepo band Aircrash Bureau were: F. Schmidt (electronics), Stephan Klaus Kessler (voice & programming) & Michael Will (electronics & drums




OF A MESH - broken 12' 1986 - 1987

Of A Mesh - one of New York cities' finest contributions to the gothic / post punk scene in the early to late 80s, and still remain so. Many of the bands from that time and place have been lost to the dusty bins of collectors, hardly to be thought of again. presents to you the Of A Mesh archive - 'Broken', thanks to one of those collectors dusting off his bins and recreating interest in these rare recordings, a peice of the deathrock underground's music history.

you can read more stuff'here

1.guillotine song
3.damage's liquid
5.burning bride
6.crazy house
7.candy [ is an axe now ]


Saturday, December 3, 2011

YIGYUZE - the face' 7' 1983

another' uk band' very similar to altered states'under to nudge nudge records 1983


1.the face
2.the world turns too fast