Sunday, March 25, 2012

THE COLOURFIELD - colourfield 7' 1984

The Colourfield were a British band formed in 1984 in Manchester, when former Specials and Fun Boy Three frontman, Terry Hall, joined up with ex-Swinging Cats members Toby Lyons and Karl Shale. Despite all three of them originating from Coventry, they made their homebase in Manchester...


1.the colourfield


Monday, March 19, 2012

CORPUS DELICTI - the joy of living lp 1984

another really cool record by corpus delicti' and the only realese by this group' this is under mystic records..

i just change the link for tis one ' now you can dl this for mediafire.

1.psycho on saturday
2.child child
3.memoris linger


Sunday, March 18, 2012

MORTICIA - d o a' 12' lp 1988

Morticia is a unique theatrical four-piece gothic band from Minneapolis whose musical inspiration comes from such infamous notables as early Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath ranging to more heavy-edge European acts including The Damned and Sisters of Mercy. The music of Morticia features an intriguing 90's blend of gothic drone to technical metal guitar riffs, empassioned vocals as well as powerful rhythms. It is all done with their distinctive style of humorously twisted, electronically laced, hook laden, power driven rock. All of these ingredients make up the formula for their latest, greatest release; a CD/cassette project entitled Thirteen Nightmares. This album will satisfy the cravings of all you darksiders....


1.pennies upon my eyes market body parts
3.doa (bloodrock)
4.cabaret of death


FUTURE NEIGHBORS - flesh of love lp 1988

another band from canada' and this group banded together in 1985 as a nescessary splinter group from psychic bricks and with deep roots in the fan art scene Ex- bricks terri - kay lindsay and her sister along with ruth fleiscman on xylophone and drums formed an all girl folk industrial band called cat party' ripped 4 song on this lp..


1.flesh of love
2.sympathetic looks

3.i fall to pieces
4.cinnamon girl [ cover song]


Sunday, March 11, 2012

THEATRE OF HATE - westworld lp 1982

Theatre of Hate were a post-punk band formed in Britain in 1980.

Led by singer-songwriter and ex-member of punk band The Pack, Kirk Brandon, the original group also consisted of guitarist Steve Guthrie, bassist Stan Stammers (The Straps/EpileptThe Pack were a British punk rock band formed in 1978. Comprising Kirk Brandon (vocals, guitar), Simon Werner (died 26 Nov 2010) (guitar), Jonathan Werner (bass), and Rab Fae Beith (later of UK Subs) (drums). Beith was eventually replaced by Jim Walker (drums).[1] The band released two singles in 1979, before a change of name to Theatre of Hateics), saxophonist John Lennard and drummer Luke Rendle from Crisis/The Straps.........


1.judgement hymn is a ghost


PERENNIAL DEVIDE - purge 12' lp 1986

first release by perennial devide and under sweetbox records 1986.....


1.burning dogs

2.the fall
3.word of the lord


Saturday, March 10, 2012

REPETITION - the still reflex fade out 7' 1981

uk band repetition'their second release in 1981'Band members: Sarah Gregory (vocals), Tim Transe (drums & words), ASDH (synth), Nicolas (bass), Pete Petrol (guitar).
(later work Steve Musham replaced Sarah Gregory on vocals..


1.the still reflex

2.fade out