Sunday, March 18, 2012

MORTICIA - d o a' 12' lp 1988

Morticia is a unique theatrical four-piece gothic band from Minneapolis whose musical inspiration comes from such infamous notables as early Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath ranging to more heavy-edge European acts including The Damned and Sisters of Mercy. The music of Morticia features an intriguing 90's blend of gothic drone to technical metal guitar riffs, empassioned vocals as well as powerful rhythms. It is all done with their distinctive style of humorously twisted, electronically laced, hook laden, power driven rock. All of these ingredients make up the formula for their latest, greatest release; a CD/cassette project entitled Thirteen Nightmares. This album will satisfy the cravings of all you darksiders....


1.pennies upon my eyes market body parts
3.doa (bloodrock)
4.cabaret of death