Sunday, February 27, 2011

THEATRE OF ICE - in the attic 7' 1987

theatre of ice from 1987 released'''' this band has also two releases in 1987 one is kill your girlfriend and in the attic..

tracks the attic
2.within the ruins of a mind


CATHEDRAL OF TEARS - cathedral of tears mlp 1984

here's another new wave darkwave band' and the only released record by this group under enigma records..

1.the trap
2.A situation of
3.calm storm
5.whisper from the deadland


Sunday, February 20, 2011

INNOCENCE IN DANGER - innocence in danger 12 'ep 1984

ripped 3 song from this ep check this out..


1.innocence in danger
2.trouble in heaven
3.this is love


OUTER CIRCLE - my mona lisa 12' 1984

this is the second released by outer cicle and under by enigma records.

tracks mona lisa
2.building dreams
3.warm gun mona lisa [ extended remix version ] mona lisa [instrumental]


Saturday, February 19, 2011

NASH THE SLASH - and you thought you were normal lp 1982

Jeff Plewman
Profile:Nash The Slash (born Jeff Plewman on 29 March 1948) has been creating his unique concept of sound and vision for over twenty years. His first live presentation of music to film was a performance to the surreal silent film "Un Chien Andalou" at the Roxy Theatre in Toronto


2.Pretty Folks
4.Vincent's Crows
5.Dance After Curfew
7.The Hypnotist
8.Remember When
9.Animal Jamboree


BORGHESIA - escorts and models 1988 lp

Borghesia is an electronic band from Slovenia and Croatia (former part of Yugoslavia) created in Ljubljana in 1982.
The first two recordings were influenced by new wave, electro-pop, disco, ebm.
The band took then a more ebm direction from the third album.
They published audio recordings and videos which were often influenced by fetishism.
The band stop its activities around 1995 and came back in 2009.
They just released a compilation cd including tracks from their previous albums in January 2010.


1.Am I ?
2.U Crnom / In Black
3.Pasto Nudo / Naked Lunch
5.Ogolelo Mesto / Rugged City
6.Goli, Uniformirani, Mrtvi / Naked, Uniformed, Dead
8.beat and scream


Saturday, February 12, 2011

KINGPIG - swinging man 7' 1986

this is another unknown group'and this is under red room records....


1.swinging man
2.without a sound


COCTEAU TWINS - aikea guinea 7' 1985

Members: Elizabeth Davidson Fraser, Robin Andrew Guthrie, Simon Philip Raymonde, and William Heggie

Formed: 1981 in Grangemouth, Falkirk, UK.
Disbanded: 1997.......


1.aikea guinea


THE MISSION - garden of delight 7'' 1986

Gothic rock band from the UK initially consisting of Wayne Hussey, Craig Adams (both ex-Sisters of Mercy), Simon Hinkler and Mick Brown

tracks: of delight a hurricane


Friday, February 11, 2011

FIELDS OF NEPHILIM - blue water 7' 1987

Formed in Stevenage, Hertfordshire (UK) in 1984, Fields Of The Nephilim were a distinctive goth rock band that incorporated psychedelic and progressive elements until their eventual split in 1991..

tracks: water every dream home a heartache


Sunday, February 6, 2011

THE COLOUR THEORY - flowers in the garden 7' 1989

here's another postpunk new wave goth band' for you' the only single by the colour theory' this is their split recording in 1989 - 1991' and also released on cassette their full album released in 1990' this is recommended check this out.....

tracks: in the garden
2.victorian dreams


FAHRENHEIT 451 - house of morals'' ep 1986

Named after the famous Ray Bradbury novel, Fahrenheit 451 was an East Coast goth rock band whose influences ranged from the Doors and the Stranglers to the seminal Bauhaus (which was to goth what Charlie Parker was to bebop and James Brown was to funk). Fahrenheit, formed in New Jersey in 1984, never became as well-known as Bauhaus or Sisters of Mercy, although it enjoyed a small cult following (mostly around the Northeastern Corridor). During its three-year run, Fahrenheit went through various personnel changes; some of its key members included lead singer Athan Maroulis, guitarist Shell Stewart, bassist Pete Lisa, keyboardist Nick Ferro, and drummer Ed Enzyme. In 1986, Fahrenheit's debut EP, House of Morals, came out on the Active label.

tracks melt away
3.cathedral in ice
4.strangers on a train


Saturday, February 5, 2011

SHOC CORRIDOR - holding treasure 7' 1984

this is one of my favorite singles from shoc corridor' this is very recommended..


1.holding treasures
2.almost in walking distance


FUTURE DAZE - venus 7' 1982

unknown new wave band' released in 1982.



THE WAYWARD SOULS - tomorrow knows 7'' 1985

another indie rock new wave band' i don't know much about this one just their music is very similar to the band the lucy show' check this out.


1.tomorrow knows
2.wisdom of the heart