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Carcrash International was formed as a kind of super-group consisting of the elite musicians of the Cleopatra label, similar to This Mortal Coil, concentrated around a joint project. The group appears to have centered around the music, writing and vocals of Dave Roberts (aka, Dave Sex Gang), recently departed bass player of Sex Gang Children; Matt Green (Keyboards); Bari-Bari (Guitar) and David Glass (Drums), both old Christian Death band members prevailing at the time in the group Mephisto Walz; and included musicians Nicky Garrett and Colin Dminchin at various stages. They were associated with the Batcave scene


2.mercenaries [ready for war]


Sunday, September 26, 2010

LETHAL GOSPEL - penetrating tales lp 1984

first released by lethal gospel....


1.watch the wind
2.terminal art
3.the combine
4.ignite it
5.action speaks louder
6.watch the wind [ dance]
7.now what have i done.


REDMATH - pray lp 1988

this is the second release' by redmath under heresy records..

1.brain dead
2.leave me alone
3.before the flood
4.wrought in promise
5.through the gate
6.so this is america
7.whats to say
8.piece of purpose
9.pray fast obey


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ATTRITION - smiling at the hypogonder club lp 1985

Forever there will be the speculation that the exploration of darkness as a beautiful place will lessen our fear of it all, ease the pain a little..."
Attrition, from Coventry, England, began in the early 1980s with founder Martin Bowes. This group has garnered a loyal following because of their ability to merge the electronic, darkwave and classical forms into something their own.
Attrition's sound is strongly based on contrasts. There are gothic tracks that incorporate violas, ethereal tracks that contain Martin's gritty vocals, and danceable electro pieces that use orchestral arrangements. Recent tracks have even brought in a member of the Paris opera, Franck Dematteis, giving the music yet another unusual twist....


1.Look Out, Hedonist
2.The Game Is Up
3.Feel The Backlash
4.mind Drop
5.pendulum Turns
6.Fusillade Part 1
7.Fusillade Part 2
9.My Eyes
10.Fate Is Smiling


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

MENSEN BLAFFEN - raven lp 1988

Mensen Blaffen (translated that would be "People Bark") was a group from Aalst who excelled in their funky and weird rock between 1984 en 1988. When asked to describe their own music, they said : "hardcore-chanson, ugly mixed with beautiful, sweetness and dirty worms together on a rotting horse. But the characteristic of Mensen Blaffen is exactly the difficulty of describing our music. It doesn't smell like Belgium, but it smells like the times in which we live". more info :http://houbi.com/belpop/groups/mensenblaffen.htm


1.over de lijn
2.maree d'envie
8.la griffe


Monday, September 13, 2010


this is another fantastic compilation' very recommended check this one out..


1.goin uptown - knox
2.state of mind - sex gang children
3.blood - peyr
4.troops of tomorrow - the troops
5.problem child - hanoi rocks
6.rush hour - mxyztplk
7.tracks of my tears - half japanese
8.decline - headhunters
9.cocaine - urban dogs
10.the fish needs a bike - blurt
11.gudfraedi - vonbrigdi
12.big red brain - method actors
13.other queues - the process


Thursday, September 9, 2010

WHITE CHINA - smiles & jokes 12'' 1985

Formed 1981 in Dunfermline Scotland, the Band got their first lucky break by having a night on Radio 1 with Annie Nightingale, the show was recorded at the origional REL Studios in Edinburgh and the Dunfermline studio of first Skids manager Mike Douglas aka "PANO" and heard by the Managing Directors of WEA Records in London, Max Hole and Mike Heap while driving home. WEA invited the Band down to London to discuss a recording deal, at that time the oldest member of the band was 16 the youngest being 13, they were tempted with the offer of working with producer Tony Visconti, sadly they never got to meet Mr Visconti . A&M Records contacted the band wanting to meet at a Police concert in Edinburgh Playhouse to sign a record contract, the offer of a support slot to the Police on the next tour was offered as an addition, at the time the band had wanted to sign to A&M but the bands manager talked them out of signing as he had other offers. Peter Powell of Radio 1 heard early demos of the Band, he then Invited them to do 4 live tracks on a session for Radio 1 late 1983, and to appear for the first time live on tv on his show "The Oxford Roadshow" ORS 84 which was filmed in Manchester. The bands first tour was support act for Rock Band Big Country. - Early 1984 White China signed a record breaking major production deal with Island Records and Stiff Music in the UK, an American Deal with MCA was complete by the middle of that year. It became quickly obvious to the Band that things werent all they could be, after spending 6 days in RAK Studios in London with Steve Brown as producer and Pete Glenister as co-producer, "Real World" the first single, was delivered to Dave Robinson owner of Stiff Music and now MD of Island Records. Robinson wasnt happy with what he heard so, he asked Steve Brown to remix the song at Wessex Studios in London, but again he didnt like what he heard. Robinson then had the single remixed a further 17 times with various producers and different studios, the final version being done in Rockfield, Wales with Julian Mendelsohn as producer, Robinson was heard in conversation stating, the success other artists like U2, Bob Marley, Frankie Goes to Hollywood were having on Island meant he had to delay the Bands debut single, due to no staff being available to push the band to radio and tv. The Band werent happy with his decisions or this version of "Real World" and let Dave Robinson know in no uncertain terms, it appeared at that time Julian Mendelsohn was the prefered producer in Robinsons eyes, but on his first efforts the Band didnt want to work with him, Peter Powel of Radio 1 agreed that the Bands efforts with Steve Brown were by far a better version. The tapes were then sneaked up to Scotland for Neil Ross at REL studios in Edinburgh to remix and complete a 12" version, Neils remix was considered good by the Band and management, he had origionally produced the Bands demos that had attracted so much attention from various major labels, but again Dave Robinson rejected this version. At this point producer Martin Rushent stepped in, he was willing to do a new version of "Real World" at his Genetic Studios, Goring on Thames, this session didnt better that of the first Version by Steve Brown, but an experience the band would never forget and would like to thank him for!!, thanks to Martin the band found a studio and environment that suited them, somewhere they returned to for a further 5 months of recordings. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- by this time, Dave Robinson had decided to release Julian Mendelsohns version of Real World against the bands wishes. The Band then Toured for the 3rd time with Big Country in the UK, Eagerly awaiting to find out how there first single was doing in the charts the band were given a bombshell blow, they had been penalised for selling to many copies in Scotland, indications of an initial top 40 with the first single were now in tatters. The Band went back to the drawing board to find another producer to do a second single "Too Young", this was to be released 2 weeks into the Steeltown tour the band had agreed with Big Country. Producer Howard Gray was then chosen, the Band then went to CBS Stusios in London, and then to be haunted in, The Manor Studios and Ridge Farm, again with co-producer Pete Glenister to complete the second single "Too Young", the Band were happy with the results, but Dave Robinson was not, his mention of Julian Mendolsohn again drove the band out of Islands offfices in disgust and off to tour with Big Country with no single to promote. On this Tour the Band decided that this time they would find a producer to record the first Album "The Innocence" with or without Islands approval. The Band were introduced to producer John Punter, instantly they struck up a good relationship with John and decided to go back to Genetic Studios, Phil Tennant was to be the engineer who the Band had previously worked with on Martin Rushents version of "Real World" so things were looking up!, we must say a big thanks also to Tim Baldwin who stepped in to engineer while Phil had his tackle sorted in hospital, during that time John also lost the skin off his nose from a holiday to Montserrat, he had no shame at leaving the band back in snowy England while he indulged himself with his new wife in such a great and now sadly destroyed place, he did bring Rob Dean of Japan to stay at the studio for a couple of weeks, a great experience to meet such a genuine bloke, great musician and friend to the band at that time. Now late 1985, the album was finished, the final mixes were to be completed in Air Studios, Oxford Street, London. The Band were happy with what John Punter had finished for them, at last after having to record 48 track for most of the album it sounded close to how the Band did live. Dave Robinson was given the album early 1986, this time he liked what the Band had done, he quickly released "Smiles and Jokes" to be followed by "Too Young" but sadly disaster struck, Dave Robinson was given his marching orders from Island and Chris Blackwell wasnt going to be back incharge for some time, so all Island releases were shelved for the time being. The Band completely disolusioned by this time, and feeling very much a good TAX loss for Island, refused Dave Robinsons offer to move to Stiff to release the first album, a move that they might be thankfull for, Stiff Records/Music shortly after got into financial trouble, and the Band negotiated to get off Island, sadly the Band went there different ways at this point never to reform, but still remain good friends to this day. The first album "The Innocence" is now being persued by the Band, it is hoped that an agreement can be reached with Universal, if not the full album will be re-recorded for fun. Possible release date 2011 in 5.1 surround sound. this is a request'' and recommended to everyone you can also visit the band {http://www.myspace.com/httpwwwmyspacecomwhitechina]enjoy..


1.smiles & jokes [ extended version }
2.seen from above
3.how i wish [instrumental remix]


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BLUE IN HEAVEN - all the gods men 1985 lp

Blue in Heaven was a 1982–1989 Irish rock quartet from Churchtown, Dublin, Ireland led by singer Shane O'Neill. They reformed in 1990 as The Blue Angels. Shane later went on to form Supernaut with Dave Long from Into Paradise.

Blue in Heaven released a few singles on U2's Mother Records before being signed to Island Records in 1985, when they released their first LP entitled All The Gods Men which was produced by Martin Hannett. The album conveyed a lush, gloomy aesthetic by focusing on its heavy bass, combined with O'Neill's often incomprehensible vocals. It was favorably compared to Joy Division, however the album was not a commercial success...... this is a re-post request enjoy''


2.the big beat
3.it's saturday
4.old ned
5.all your fear
6.julie cries
7.like a child
8.in your eyes


UNEXPLORED - strange weekend recordings presents v/a 1982 -1986 lp

this is a compilation of new zealand recordings 1982 - 1986 strange weekend records.


1.BLAM BLAM BLAM - marsha
2.JOHNNY BONGO - falling
3.CAR CRASH SET - scarred
4.SCREAMING MEEMEES - dancing with the stars in my eyes
5.SONYA WATERS - grey rooms
6.THE ANDROIDS - auckland tonight
7.THE PONSONBY D.C'S - queen st.
8.BIG SIDEWAYS - conversation with a machine
9.SCOTT CALHOUN - i like to drive
10.MARTIAL LAW - strange weekend


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

THE VEIL - manikin 12'' e.p 1984

this record has been posted sometime ago' from phoenix hairpins blog..and thanks too' slow pulse girl of nightmare on wax...


1.manikin[longer version ]
2.dreams endowed


SHADOW OF FEAR - in the flesh 7'' 1985

this is the second released by shadow of fear..


1.in the flesh
2.heartbreak hotel


SIGLO XX - view of the weird 12' 1987

Belgian cold wave band, active from 1979-1989.

SIGLO XX hail from Genk, a depressed industrial city in Belgium. After the closing of the coal pits, Genk has now a painful present of unemployment, poverty, drug abuse and violence.
In that context, there's nothing unusual in a "rock" group stamping their sound with a hard, dark, but also very personal and emotional philosophy. Their formative years were the years of Punk. And perhaps there you'll find a cause for their headstrong tenacity of doing it in their own way. SIGLO XX refuse to produce music that shys away from looking reality straight in the eye. They've succeeded in imbuing their art with a touch of impressionism that's sadly lacking in a world preferring to whistle only unaffected melodies. SIGLO XX have remained passionate and fascinated, following their own chosen way without losing sleep over fashion or trends. Constantly evolving, the group attracts a growing number of committed fans all over Europe.

In 1980 Siglo XX independantly released their first 7'' single ‘The Naked and the Death’. Things really got rolling two years later with the maxi-single ‘The Art of War’, still a classic and for instance included on a ‘New Wave Club Class.X’ volume. Later they signed to Antler Records which released a few of their albums and maxi’s. Their sound resembled Factory bands like Joy Division and Section 25: cold new wave, with dark basses, moody synths and depressive vocals. Siglo XX sounded probably even rawer than their more famous examples, with sometimes punky guitars. In the mid 80’s a move to Play it Again Sam followed, where three albums came out. The last was ‘Under A Purple Sky’ in 1989..

1.view of the weird
2.silent crowd


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THE SPELL - ep'1984

this is another american band'under viable option records. sorry i don't have any info for this.

1.paradise of ice
2.this is isn't my funeral
3.moonlight shadows