Wednesday, September 8, 2010

UNEXPLORED - strange weekend recordings presents v/a 1982 -1986 lp

this is a compilation of new zealand recordings 1982 - 1986 strange weekend records.


1.BLAM BLAM BLAM - marsha
2.JOHNNY BONGO - falling
3.CAR CRASH SET - scarred
4.SCREAMING MEEMEES - dancing with the stars in my eyes
5.SONYA WATERS - grey rooms
6.THE ANDROIDS - auckland tonight
7.THE PONSONBY D.C'S - queen st.
8.BIG SIDEWAYS - conversation with a machine
9.SCOTT CALHOUN - i like to drive
10.MARTIAL LAW - strange weekend


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  1. Hello!
    Nice blog you got there!!
    This is a great compilation. I bought it recently over discogs, and I posted it too on my blog
    the post is here:

    I have added you to my "music companions" the blogs I follow, add me too if you want. I liked the coincidence posting the same record.
    we'll talk soon
    Ten Thousand Eyes