Sunday, January 29, 2012

THE PAPERS - how many more / hello oblivion 7''1980

another uk band' and release in 1980' by radioactive records...


1.hello oblivion many more


Monday, January 23, 2012

IN THE NURSERY - prelude lp 1983 -1985

early recordings by in the nursery' and very different from their new stuff' so much similar to joy division and a classic new order' this record was release in 1989' also available on cd but is rarely hard to find very cool album check this out..


1.stone souls


3.E 9.8.4


Sunday, January 22, 2012

CORTEX - you can't kill the boogeyman lp 1986

postpunk darkwave' group from the uk' their release this record in 1986 and under ediesta records ripped 3 song for samples enjoy..


1.wheels on glory in pieces
3.criminal code


KILLING JOKE - adorations supernatural mix 12' 1986

one' of the best single' by killing joke' specially the remix version of love like blood very different to the original' and adoration the supernatural mix is totally really good track' recommended t everyone..

track like blood [remix 1986]

2.adoration [supernatural mix]


Sunday, January 15, 2012

PSYCHOBUD - by the fire 12 mlp 1984

another local band and released in 1984' by enigma records.

tracks the fire our correspondent


Saturday, January 14, 2012

THIS FEAR - darkness shapes imagination 12' mlp 1985

another band from canada' and i believe that' this is the only' released by this fear' or i guess they had some other stuff that never been released' this is recommended...


1.haunting me

2.lights of capitals

VICIOUS FICTION - wicked sabantha - candycane 12' ep

i know that' this record was been posted here' before' and someone request this to re-upload again' and by the way all the other' mp3 are available now for DL so enjoy..

1.wicked sabantha



Friday, January 13, 2012

FRONT 242 - no comment mlp 1985

Front 242 was created in 1980 by Daniel B (Daniel Bressanutti) and Dirk Bergen. After a few singles, Jean-Luc De Meyer (vocals) and Patrick Codenys joined the group and the first album, "Geography", was released. At this stage, Dirk Bergen left the group to become their manager. In 1983, Richard 23 (Richard Jonckheere) joined the group as vocalist/percussionist. With this line-up, the band released many albums of EBM, gaining more popularity with every release. (EBM stands for Electronic Body Music, a term invented by F242 themselves) They also established a solid live reputation, with an energetic show in para-military outfits. The year 1993 brought a radical change in style, with guest musicians, the disappearance of their military look and the exploration of both harder (guitar samples) and softer (female vocals, ambient) sounds. After many years of silence, except for a few live/remix-albums, Front 242 re-appeared in the spotlight in the late nineties with their Re:boot-tour, bringing modern, techno-like cover versions of their own songs. In 2003 they took a step back towards their EBM-roots, with the release of "Pulse" and "Still & Raw

you can also now download' this track and the rest of the dead link are available later this month.


1.lovely day



Sunday, January 1, 2012

GOTHIC GIRLS - devil ' 7'' 1983

uk postpunk goth group' their 7'released in 1983' and one of their best singles..




DOMINION - manhunt 1989

this tracks was release in 1989' taken' from their album manhunt...



2.theme for the front

POESIE NOIRE - marian 'uncertain smile

belgian' band poesie noire' their 2 cover song from this cd compilation' happy new year everyone..


1.uncertain smile