Friday, August 28, 2009

LOWLIFE - gush

lowlife' was a scotish alternative rock band, active from 1985 to 1997.although the group never obtained mainstream popularity , they developed a cult following that continues to this day. enjoy' the music

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

SAD LOVERS & GIANTS - treehouse poetry

one of eighties'' finest' band of all time' sad lovers & giants' coming from the underground' their sound blends postpunk and new wave atmospheric' music. enjoy the sound''''

FELT - absolute classic

here's another' new wave indie band' felt' this is their best masterpieces, the absolute classic' enjoy'

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

COCTEAU TWINS - head over heels 1983

the cocteau twins were a scotish rock band active from 1979 to 1997, known for complex instrumentation and atmospheric, nonlyrical vocals. through formed in the postpunk and new wave era,the cocteau twins tended to defy concise categorization and their music was a key influence on dream pop althought the entire band earned much critical praise, liz prazer's distinctive vocals recieved the most attention at times barely decipherable fraser seemed to veer into glassolalia and mouth music , all music reviewer ned ragget writes that'' part of her appeal is how she can hard to interpret lyrics so emotionally gripping'
you might love this album by this great legend band of all time enjoy'

Monday, August 24, 2009


here's another obscure band' for your music collection' another great postpunk new wave band' kinda' check them' and enjoy'

BABEL 17 -1989 - celeano fragments

the frence new wave band babel 17' this is their full length album' i hope you like it' another great band' for your music pleasures' enjoy.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

VOX DEI -de profundis 1982

one of my favorite record by this unknown band' called vox dei another frence band' like clair obscur' sorry i don't have much information to tell you' besides, this is the only record i had for this band. enjoy'

CHOIR INVISIBLE - sea to shining sea - 1981 -1984 full length album

this is another' obscure band of the 1980's 'a band called, choir invisible' not too many people, known' this band' but now' if you doesn't heard them yet ' this is the right time' enjoy the music.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


human drama was a deathrock' band began in new orleans in 1980 led by singer song/writer johnny indovina,they are primarily known for playing a mixture of sad accoustic and gothic astmospheric melodies.
although they don't count themselves as being only a gothic band,they are often named so by music critics. enjoy this one. here:


another great band' screams for tina' one of the early american deathrock band'with the line up of -ex-voto and two witches,screams for tina is one of the best american deathrock band that formed in 1985 in los angeles california if you doesn't heard them yet it's about time to listen to a different gere. enjoy

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

THE BOLSHOI - best of

one of the best band' of the 1980's the bolshoi' this is their almost complete recordings of their earlier career'

Sunday, August 16, 2009


here's the japanese import cd by this mighty echo and the bunnymen' i got very lucky for this one' this rare cd by this legend' band. enjoy'

Saturday, August 15, 2009

THE DAMNED - anything 1986

the damned ' formed in 1976' in london.this english punk band they have incorporated numerous of styles into their music and image, including garage rock,psychedelic rock,cabaret and theatrical rock of screaming lord sutch and alex harvey.lead singer dave venian's vocal style has been described as similar to a crooner.the damned have dessolved and reformed manytimes with vanian as the sole constant members however,the lineups have always included either guitarist captain sensible and/or drummer rat scabies who are both founding members.the current line-up includes vanian,captain sensible,monty oxy moron,pinch,and stu west.this album by this legend band' is very much diffrent to their early punk rock album.

THE FALL -semina live

one of the most' underrated band ever lived to the scene of the postpunk' 8os to the line up of those greatest bands like
joy division/new order/the wake/magazine/the names/section 25 and many many more. enjoy the sound'

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


strawberry switcblade' was a female pop rock band formed in 1981 in scotland by
jill bryson and rose mcdowall best known for their song since yesterday and who knows what love is' strawberry switchblade was originally signed to the independent record label postcard records however, none of the band's recordings were ever released under this label they were later signed in to zoo records another independent label the band very first single ' trees and flowers and after that in 1985 they released their very first album' and single since yesterday' became a top 10 hit in the uk and peaking in number 5 and met with success in europe and japan and around the globe.this album' comes with bonus tracks enjoy'

TRISOMIE 21 - plays the pictures 1989

this ' album is very much different to the earlier' released by this group..


Sunday, August 9, 2009


the cure ' formed in crawley west sussex in 1976, the band has experienced several line up changes with frontman vocalist,guitarist,and principle songwriter,robert smith the only constant member.the cure first began releasing

music in the late 1970's with their debut album three imaginary boys [1979] this, along with several early singles,the band as part of the postpunk and new wave movements that had sprung up in the wake of the punk rock

revolution in the united kingdom.


MEPHISTO WALZ - early recording 1985 - 1988

mephisto walz was formed by barry galvin, in 1985 following his departure from the influential death rock group[ christian death ] barry gathered an impressive line -up and later added christianna on vocals, helping to mold

a unique sound and classic gothic rock sound, the band still active and releasing new album' except with a, different band members. enjoy

THE MISSION - first chapter

the mission [ known as the mission uk ] in the united states were' a gothic rock band formed in 1988. wayne hussey and craig adams both from the sisters of mercy. Aside from hussey the line up has changed several times during the years.


clan of xymox, also known as xymox' the band founded in nijmegen netherlands in 1983 by ronny moorings,anke wolbert and pieter nooten. the original members,only ronny moorings remains in the band today one of my very all time favorite album from the goth days enjoy.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

SAD LOVERS & GIANTS - feeding the flame

sad lovers and giants are a rock band from watford england' who formed in 1981.their sound blends postpunk atmospheric keyboards and psychedelia and the band has been described as'' a pastoral pink floyd. enjoy the music


the chameleons' a postpunk band that formed' in middleton greater manchester england 'in 1981

after a while' it became' one of the successful band' in the uk underground scene. enjoy the music


Friday, August 7, 2009


siekiera ' is one of the most influential and popular' postpunk bands in poland' with fast aggressive music lyrics filled with obscenities, the band was in the sensation in the 1984' jarocin festival.after changes in the line up.switched to new wave and dissolved in 1988.this is realy good album by this polish band siekeria enjoy the sound.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


another' great comp ' by this great record label' rouska' a variety of different' band such'' as cassandra complex ' party day 'son of sam and many more' enjoy.


CHRISTIAN DEATH - catastrophe ballet 1986

christian death in an american deathrock band formed in los angeles in 1979, the band was fronted and founded by rozz williams and featured guitarist rikk agnew, christian death is most notable for their albums' only a theatre of pain' which was a major event in the birth of the goth and deathrock' subculture in the united states and beyond. enjoy'

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

REMAIN IN SILENCE - seven rooms

another' great band' not much familiar' to this group' but ' the only thing ' i know about them. they are ' a postpunk band 'with a blended of death rock' sounds similarities to bauhaus and moloko. i think the band formed in the mid eighties' somewhere in 1984 , and the band still' active' to underground scene. sorry i don't have much info to share it to you' besides, this is the only cd' i had' for this band.



London 86 - changes

the name says it all for london in 1986 that is,THE SMITHS ,THE CULT ,ECHO AND THE BUNNYMAN,THE CURE.
the three boys from LONDON 86 move unerringly to the paths of brit pop elements mixed wave sounds precidely those years, between playful lightness and theatrical kitsch commutes back and forth quite pleasing, but not striking
guitars buzz like the reflections of sunlight on the water,the singing is weightless and emotionally, the keyboards full of warmith and melody.the band styles is more pop and dark sound like we can call it easy to coldwave' but you judge to it , once you heard the band you figure it out what are they realy sounds like, it's hard to categorize them' it's up to you' enjoy the sound.


tones on tail was created by daniel ash,of[ bauhaus ] a musical side project' along with art' schoolfriend'flatmate and bauhaus roadie''glenn campling
in 1982 after the band bauhaus disbanded' they were' joined by drummer kevin haskins'the band split' in 1984 shortly before, ash and haskins' went and to form love and rockets' along ' with david j.glenn campling was also responsible for the cover art of bauhaus first full release ' in the flatfield.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


here' is the second edition of this underrated' belgian' band 'not as much people heard the music of siglo xx' another' great band to add' to your music library' enjoy''


siglo xx 'another 'belgian band' their name which can both be pronounced as siglo iks iks or as siglo veinte} stems from anarchy during the spanish civil war, they were' pioneers in independent together bands like struggler and de brassers with their release with a single without a record company' the naked and the death in 1980,siglo xx founded in limburg' infact they originally from genk, the band' sound it's a dark gloomy coldwave with the influences, by the group, joy division' as one of the most influences band of the eighties. siglo xx release this compilation of their early antler recording' from 1980 to 1988. one of' my favorite band' i recommended' to all the fan's of joy division, if you doesn't heard the music of siglo xx yet' it's about time. enjoy


Monday, August 3, 2009

GARGOYLE SOX - as the masters sleep 1985

this is' the very frst mini lp' in 1985 by this' underground death rock band gargoyle' sox' and recently 'i just posted ' the second album by them' called headless horseman' the band originated in detroit michigan with a voice of mr koester, the music behind of the band it's hard and difficult to categorize them' as gothic band' but anyway' lets just enjoy all the great music' of this obscure band.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

SWANS - the burning world 1989

' swans created' a dark abrasive murky slowed down noise rock that served as a starting point for their ruminations about alienation depression depravity and the disturbing side of human nature.the band formed ' in the early eighties' and after a while jarboe joined swans in 1986 and brought a gentler, and more relaxed dimension to swans sound. one very underrated band of all time creating a very unique sound 'that no one sounds like swans, enjoy


the sisters of mercy' are an english rock band ' formed in 1980, and became' very successful in the underground uk scene' and release some' few singles 'and after that in 1985 ' they release the very first album' first and last and always and' followed in 1987 floodland' the band still active except for a different band members' this live by the sisters of mercy is one of their best perfomance' in the early years'. enjoy'''
here:sorry this link is no longer available for download.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

MALARIA - compiled

malaria' an all girl band from berlin germany' their song kaltes klares wasser' became an indie hit from 1981' on and on' this all girl band' has been popular to the indie scene'and remains to be underground' and then a few years later the band' decidedly to finish their career'and after all that' they' release this compilation compiled' the early recording and b-side. enjoy'''''


IRON CURTAIN - desertion 1982 - 1988