Wednesday, August 5, 2009

REMAIN IN SILENCE - seven rooms

another' great band' not much familiar' to this group' but ' the only thing ' i know about them. they are ' a postpunk band 'with a blended of death rock' sounds similarities to bauhaus and moloko. i think the band formed in the mid eighties' somewhere in 1984 , and the band still' active' to underground scene. sorry i don't have much info to share it to you' besides, this is the only cd' i had' for this band.




  1. oh my gosh!!!
    I was searching this album for along time.
    I'm going to listen and enjoy this one.
    I really love your blog XD

    Can you hepl with a CD please.

    I'm searching this "Andi Sex Gang - The Madman In The Basket" please, help me
    I really love Andi but i can't find that album =(

    I hope that you can and greetingsand follow with this great blog

  2. i have andi sex gang decline' if you'want' just give me your e-mail and i send the link for you or i'll just upload here: welcome friend'

  3. decline' the only i has is the album called blind' but i will try to find the album you want i'll let you know when i find it.

  4. Includes two tracks of Décima Víctima!!! what a lucky and unexpected encounter.

    This blog is incredible.