Saturday, August 1, 2009

GARGOYLE SOX - headless horseman 1986

not' alot of people, knows about 'gargoyle sox' their music is a dark electronic' with a touch of death rock sound' the band came 'out in the early' 80's and after a while' they' release the 1985 first lp called as the masters sleeps. and then the following year of 1986' they release the second album called headless horseman' this band is realy' interesting' and their sound 'is very unique' there's no other band that sounded' like gargoyle sox. so now' if you doesn't heard' the music of this unknown band' this is your chance to know them enjoy.


  1. This band was from the metro Detroit area. From what I know they either rarely or never played out. Heard this first around 1987, it took years to track down who it was after someone telling me it was "Samhain, live" (has a spooky atmosphere, but other than that, sounds nothing like Samhain). Being a local band, I found this easily at Car City Records (I happened to be looking for it that day). Always had a soft spot in my heart for this band, because I really dig about 2/3rds of this record and I've only heard a couple of people, even around here, ever mention them since the late 80s. On the inner sleeve there was a contact address for them here in Royal Oak, Michigan, which is actually where I live now. I know the street— I bet the house is within blocks of me at this moment!


  2. thanks for the nice comments jm very much appreciated''i didn't know that someone has made a comments for this one. but thanks for all the wonderful info..

  3. Nice to find this here. I heard them on Stanford University's college radio station when I was a teenager and got really into them. "Headless Horseman" was the first LP I ever bought for myself. Anyone know if any of the members are still doing music?