Wednesday, August 5, 2009

London 86 - changes

the name says it all for london in 1986 that is,THE SMITHS ,THE CULT ,ECHO AND THE BUNNYMAN,THE CURE.
the three boys from LONDON 86 move unerringly to the paths of brit pop elements mixed wave sounds precidely those years, between playful lightness and theatrical kitsch commutes back and forth quite pleasing, but not striking
guitars buzz like the reflections of sunlight on the water,the singing is weightless and emotionally, the keyboards full of warmith and melody.the band styles is more pop and dark sound like we can call it easy to coldwave' but you judge to it , once you heard the band you figure it out what are they realy sounds like, it's hard to categorize them' it's up to you' enjoy the sound.

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