Wednesday, September 8, 2010

BLUE IN HEAVEN - all the gods men 1985 lp

Blue in Heaven was a 1982–1989 Irish rock quartet from Churchtown, Dublin, Ireland led by singer Shane O'Neill. They reformed in 1990 as The Blue Angels. Shane later went on to form Supernaut with Dave Long from Into Paradise.

Blue in Heaven released a few singles on U2's Mother Records before being signed to Island Records in 1985, when they released their first LP entitled All The Gods Men which was produced by Martin Hannett. The album conveyed a lush, gloomy aesthetic by focusing on its heavy bass, combined with O'Neill's often incomprehensible vocals. It was favorably compared to Joy Division, however the album was not a commercial success...... this is a re-post request enjoy''


2.the big beat's saturday
4.old ned
5.all your fear
6.julie cries a child your eyes



  1. I am trying really hard to find ways to purchase or download their music. Have any idea's?

  2. Trax are 5.3% too fast. Sometimes runs 3:35. Thanks tho.