Sunday, December 11, 2011

NEW ALTERNATIVES LP - v/a compilation

this is the first release of new alternatives compilation' from the nightbreed label
and this compilation is totally amazing' lot's of classic band from the eighties'' this is highly recommended....


1.EVERY NEW DEAD GHOST - no change
2.CASUAL SANITY - another track
3.MOMENTO MORI - face that shone
4.CREAMING JESUS - hungerford
5.THE GARDEN OF PLEASURES - pandora's box
6.THE BLACK SKY - Desecration (Version)
7.MASS - someone else
8.SINS OF THE FLESH - Punishment (Detail)
9.THE WAKE r.s.v - storm is coming
10.NOSFERATU -bloodlust
11.NOMUZIC - The Dumping Ground
12.ROSETTA STONE - Chapter & Verse (Version)



  1. It's great to find this - I played bass in Momento Mori at the very beginning although I think this comes from a couple of years after. They reformed a couple of years ago.

  2. thank you for your comment simon' momento mori is one of the best classic band...

  3. I second that! And the one person re-selling it on eBay is asking a killing for it...

  4. i will re upload this later this week.