Sunday, June 27, 2010

GRINNING PLOWMAN - days of deformity lp 1987

this is their very first released in 1987 and one of their best album very similar to the sisters and the mission.. enjoy'''

1.inquisition in my head
4.splashing the red
5.shake it off
6.killing floor



  1. This album released in 1987. They had two others, "I Play Jupiter,' 1989, and "Nothings Ever What it Is," 1993.

    The back story of this band is at least as interesting as their music. Involves much sex, criminal, and frankly cultish activities.

    There are several living witnesses who would never admit to being present when Michael (the band leader) cut the throat of a live goat, with a serrated steak knife, on their kitchen floor, while disco balls, aircraft landing lights, old people, gimps, midgets, homeless, and naked Vanderbilt college students danced around oblivious til 3 am, to surround sound Ministry, New Order, Loretta Lynn, Devo, Smokey Robinson, PIL, Dead Can Dance, and Public Enemy. Loud as f-ing hell.

    It was a crazy place to hang in Nashville in the 90's. And, interestingly, there were never drugs involved.

  2. You left out the Jello wrestling, fish-tennis, and pot-bellied pigs.

    Get your facts straight.