Friday, December 3, 2010

THE SUN AND THE MOON - alive not dead ep 1989

The Sun and the Moon were Mark Burgess, John Lever, Andy Clegg and Andy Whitaker, with both Andy's on guitars. The group was formed when Andy Clegg and John Lever, recruited Mark (a friendship had developed between Mark and Andy Clegg who had played keyboards with the Chameleons) and Andy Whitaker. The two Andy's had been working together on another project (Music for Aborigines).
The band recorded an album, "The Sun and the Moon" and an EP, "Alive; not Dead", which included a cover of Alice Cooper's 'Elected,' a song which the Chameleons sometimes covered during their live shows.

The setup of the band, two ex-Chameleons playing with two guitarists, begged comparison to the Chameleons, though the band tried to develop its own sound. The Sun & The Moon broke up in April 1989....


1.adam's song
2.c'est la vie
3.arabs & americans



  1. This Ep still eludes me to this day..arghhh anyone have an extra copy they want to sell me :)))

  2. slow pulse girl' i let you know when i get an extra copy.

  3. I am about to unload a large cache of my 80's LPs onto Ebay or some other place, need to clear room. I know I have this EP in there somewhere, contact me at event @

    @ new wave crossover....on another front, I have been going back to some of my more obscure vinyl and doing full restorations (and remastering when a few tweaks are needed) to produce near-CD quality output...I am looking for an outlet to share this with the community, r u interested? Just finished JYL lp, found a rip in torrent land but was not up to my standards, so did my own...

  4. hard to to email you but i'm very interested about all the collection you have' if you want to post something you like you can use this blog thanks segman...

  5. Well, just started my own blog for the hell of it so can follow my rips I had to create the damn Wordpress account to post here....might as well use it