Sunday, March 13, 2011

SEVEN SIMONS - clockwork lp 1988

this is another new wave indie band and this is under dog gone records ripped 4 song from this lp..


1.king archidej
3.lavender bubbles
4.murder creek



  1. hi guy, i really don't know where else to put this query but you seem to be a fella who would know the name of this song (possibly).
    i heard it on college radio around xmas 1986, so it couldn't have been any older. there are no drums. in fact, only a very dirgy organ. think of a chant. there is a man with a very deep voice sort of muttering an incantation. some of the lyrics are "echoed and showered/pennies from heaven/pennies from heaven/ the half light". he has sort of an ian curtis meets john cale type of voice. and he is obviously english. i am thinking they are more on the abstract side of things than just synthbased pop. if you could tell me the names of any vocalists from this era that might fit that style that would be a major major help!!!!!!!!!! your blog is awesome!

  2. sorry, i remembered some more lyrics....."leads a desperate festival of the funeral marchers"

  3. me gustaria que publiquen el LP: DROWNING IN FIRE de THE COMPANY OS STATE porfavorrrr Pleaseeee

    gracias desde ya

  4. thepurpleshadow de gracias por el comentario ' publicar su solicitud en 2 semanas
    tengo este registro por empresa de estado gracias...

  5. mystery machine ' i wish i can help you with that' but i will look for this song and the band thank you for your comment.

  6. thanks new wave crossover, if you stumble upon it let me know at thanks so much.

  7. welcome the mystery machine ' no problem i save this email thanks and welcome....

  8. Seven Simons are amazing. I saw them open for The Fixx's "Calm Animals" tour. This album is one of my all-time favorites. Last I checked it was sooo hard to find!

  9. Hello,

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