Friday, May 6, 2011

FRIENDS OF GHOST - realm of the senses 1987 lp

hi'everyone just back from my vacation' i know that some of you are waiting for my new post but now i'm back and later i will be posting more rare stuff and unknown new wave music on this blog' anyway here's another band from san diego california 'called friends of ghost ripped 3 song from this lp check this out.

Born out of a sleepy little town near Mexico “Friends of Ghost” music transcends time and boundaries, ever changing, these mysterious men managed to release “Realm of the sense” in the later part of 80’s -deemed a cult classic, the vinyl pressing are hard to find. Thanks to modern technologies and Out Records.....


2.ciao manhattan
3.hollywood land



  1. Thanks for another oustanding LP.
    "wmt" is really a awesome song ...

  2. very welcome jose [elmelo] glad you like it.