Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SHADOW MINSTRELS - great expectation mlp 12' 1983

The Shadow Minstrels were from the underground art scene in Los Angeles in the early 80′s. They played allot at Al’s bar, The Lingerie Club and Madame Wong’s West. They also played theoretical events and were a major part of the art scene. Bass player Zap played for a little while in other bands like: The Fiends, The Happy Bats, Powertrip and 45 Grave. Zap was well known in the L. A. scene. If you liked the first Sturm Group album, you’ll very much like this little new wave/post punk album. Great Expectations was released on vinyl as a mini album by Pterodactyl Records (FOS-L-ONE) in 1983.. tracks 1.alicia 2.mardi gras 3.time she stopped here

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