Monday, June 10, 2013


artist of the month' a new single by 17' pygmies an old time veteran avant garde goth band from the u.s' 17 pygmies a really old terminally art -damaged band actually follow up on the musical and commercial succes of their celestina trilogy by releasing an album of composition mainly dedicated to exploring the proposition that the geometric nature of flowers provides proof of inteligent design? conceptually isabel asks and answers  that very question with a resounding we're not sure''
but away from theory and onto the music isabel draws on some of the more attractive attributes of it's predecessor ciii:
even celestina gets the blues , namely prog psychedelia and ether - pop but adds a healthy dose of spanish guitar - trip hop.. this is a sample track from this single check this out  sorry no dl for this one.                                  

angel by 17 pygmies new single samples    



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