Monday, September 28, 2009

BARTOK - insanity

here's a band called bartok' i dont know much about this band' but their music' is like dark coldwave' postpunk very cool obscure band.


  1. Hi!

    Sorry my friend but I can't descompress the second song
    =( I don't know what happened with this one XD
    and I want to know this band XD


  2. this work very well, decline'try it again' and this band' right here' is just a discovery' i don't know them ' i bought this record' cause' i like the cover, sorry about that'

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  4. Hi .. My names Dave from the South London punk band The Straps

    Bartok consisted of 2 Straps members Simon Werner on Guitar who also played in Kirk Brandons The Pack & Straps singer Jock Strap (Johnny Grant)
    Jah Wobble is on Bass & Rat Scabies on Drums

    The Straps consisted of Jock Strap, brothers Simon & John Werner on Guitar & Bass, me (Dave Reeves) on Guitar & Jim Walker from PIL on drums. We supported The Damned on the 1980 Black Album tour.

    You can contact me on for anymore info