Monday, September 7, 2009

KISS THE BLADE - 1984 ep

another'obscure band for you' kiss the blade
kiss the blade was formed in gloucestershire, uk in 1984 and had a lot of radio 1 air play by janice long '' the party's begun'' was the first single and young soldier a protest song against the faklands war' followed kiss the blade was a obscure uk postpunk /new wave fronted by vocalist /guitarist terry elcock and guitarist tim j.broughton
this is one of their best 2 ep's by this obscure band . enjoy the music


  1. Thanks for this one,saw them perform in Stroud one night many years ago...

  2. your welcome' my friend' and wow'you so them live' i wish i was there'thank you so much'for visiting my blog'

  3. djlerr is this the one on the comp. you gave me? this is great, man. salamat!1

  4. yes this the one pre' your welcome pacino'

  5. Young Soldier Lyrics :
    * With his ¿? crashing , bullets flashing *
    ¿ Can someone help me with this "missing" word , please ?
    Thanks in advance