Friday, October 9, 2009

CLAIR OBSCUR - the piligrim's progress 1986 lp

here's another great live album by this frence coldwave pioneer clair obscur' their live in paris in 1986. this is one of my Rarities record' i post this because' i'll never see' anyone' posting this record yet' so now' for those people are looking for this record' it's about time to do your work' enjoy guy's.


  1. I love this band
    it's of my favorite coldwave bands
    and they have a new Cd called "We Gave a Party for the Gods and the Gods all Came" and in their myspace they have a beautiful song of that new Cd

    anyway... thanks

  2. your welcome' my friend and thank you for that info you gave me' i will look for that cd once i get that i will post that here' beside' did you ever heard the band called les maitres' do you know anyone has that pls help me to get that so we can posted here' thank you'

  3. Sorry my friend but I don' t know anyone that has that K7
    I know to "Les Maitres" but only for discogs but I never listened a song or anything of that band
    sorry but I follow searching that k7 and if I can find it, I'll send you of course.

    But it's very dificult to find it


  4. thanks anyway' i'm just tried' but it's all good my friend''' thanks again'