Sunday, October 18, 2009

FEAR OF DARKNESS - the virgin land lp 1986

this album features all the recorded works completed by the original fear of darkness with dave mac on vocals.the band were young and fresh with loads of attitude.there are several previously unavailable tracks on this compilation which although recorded between 1984 - 1986 still the sounds angry and display the punk attitude. this is totally a great album by this underrated band ' i wonder why this band never release any album after this one' this is like' almost the same sound of white china -kiss the blade and the early alarm but anyway lets all enjoy this


  1. thanx for this one djlerr i owe you one!! excellent post!! i just hope your visitors would leave comments and thank yous. they don't know that this is our motivation!!

  2. Im' listening this CD and I can't belive it XD
    it's very very very exiting... it's of the best CDs that I never heard

    thanks for this one



  3. glad you like it my friend' i have more stuff' to shared' to you'thanks

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