Friday, November 20, 2009

MANUFACTURE - armed forces 12'' 1988

another 12' for manufacture' i think this is one of their best single ever done' pretty cool:


  1. I think there might be a mix-up with the files. The song files are named and ID3'ed per being Manufacture, but they are a female-sung song, by a different band (Moev?).
    Very familiar with the original Maufacture 12", it's one of my favs from that period.

  2. Hate to disagree, but those files sound nothing like this:
    (video of the song Armed Forces).

  3. i agree with you djdood'i never heard this version yet ' i think this is the first original version of the armed forces' probably this 12'is just a remake.

  4. I did some more checking.

    The tracks you have posted are "As the End Draws Near", another song by Manufacture. This song is a cover of a Sarah McLachlan track (or she covered Manufacture; I'm not sure).

    Video of this song is here: