Sunday, October 3, 2010

OEDIPUS SCREAM - the mental purpose lp 1988

this is anoher u.s band and under by dresser records release in 1988..


1.lullabye skies
2.coy dog
3.blind fear
4.waiting on the moon
5.silence speak
6.brighter days
7.master peace



  1. Dresser Records was an independent label out of upstate New York and who specialized in alternative punk, gothic and post punk indie bands...This particular band had only this one mini LP officially released...thanks for giving them more much needed exposure...we posted it back in August...Great album....


  2. thanks for the extra info for this band never know much about them..

  3. I think my high school science teacher was in this band. Wow, innovative music!

  4. Doing more research it turns up I have recorded with the same sound engineer that they used for this Oedipus Scream album. In fact, it might have been the same year he was teaching me that I recorded my band's album. Interesting..

  5. I was told to google this and I am excited to think that a band I helped create is still getting noticed. I never expected this. It was a wild two year ride!!!

  6. OS Bass player/singer/founder
    Very surprised and delighted to google the band name only because I was looking for Steve the drummer. Maybe this will lead to our second album and a tour. We will soon have up an official web page with links to other projects. We are trying to find the guitar player Christian Lee Dukes now of Austin Texas,please buy the album we have many! This online interest of us has changed my life and hope to give the world more music peace!!!!!