Saturday, October 23, 2010

SIGLO XX - fear and desire lp 1988

SIGLO XX hail from Genk, a depressed industrial city in Belgium. After the closing of the coal pits, Genk has now a painful present of unemployment, poverty, drug abuse and violence....


1.fear and desire
2.everything is on fire
3.lost in violence
4.sorrow and pain
5.35 poems
6.on the third day sister called silence
8.the pain came



  1. hi again!
    have you heard these guys already?

  2. michael' thanks again' great blog of yours people need to know your blog more you have a great selection..

  3. Next to my most favourite Greek bands, are the Belgian/Netherland bands. Especially this dark one, reincarnation of Ian Curtis. Fear and Desire is a haunting LP, once you listen to it, you never forget. Especially when it echoes: "Sorrow and pain, sorrow and pain...."
    Once again this is a great post.
    10.000 Eyes

  4. that absolutely correct''' my friend' this is like their closer album..

    your welcome michael..