Sunday, November 14, 2010

TRISOMIE 21 - million lights 1987 lp

T21 are Philippe and Hervé Lomprez, two brothers from Abscon, in the North of France, near Lille (200 km from Paris). Though some people think of their music to be gothic, industrial, electro-pop, ambient, '80s, or like New Order or Joy Division, their music cannot really fit into just one category. Their music consists of lush......


1.the hazy ridge
2.sunken lives
3.there's a strange way this morning
4.sharing sensation
5.the rickshaw
6.the fairylike show
7.some twenty one miles from the coast
8.magnified section of dreams
9.the clencher
10.million lights



  1. Cool, thanks for this.
    By any chance do you have a decent quality rip of their 1986 album, Chapter IV? NOT the remixed version released a year later.
    I've been looking, but to no avail; all I've got is a pretty pissy-poor 128 rip that just doesn't do it justice.

  2. welcome mace' sorry i don't have the other album by trisomie 21..