Thursday, November 25, 2010

UK DECAY - unexpected guest 7' 1981

UK Decay are one of the original bands to cross over from punk to what was then becoming called "Gothic", in the early '78 London scene, before the gothic and even post punk bands like Bauhaus, Theatre of Hate, the Southern Death Cult, and more. Their earlier singles are very punk, and the band has appeared on compilations of both punk and gothic music, including Punk And Disorderly and The Whip with Slavedrive immediately after UK Decay broke up, and inspired the name for the english punk rock video compilation "UK/DK". Aside from Theatre of Hate and Southern Death Cult, UK Decay fit the same category as bands like The Dark, Crisis and Warsaw (who would become Joy Division.......


1.unexpected guest



  1. love their split with pneumania

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