Sunday, September 4, 2011

THREE YEARS IN TIBET - brittle brances lp 1985

it began one night in melbourne, in 1984, as a jam session with mark valentine on bass, mark amis on vocals, and myself(barry norton) on keyboards/drum programs. we recorded two songs that we had written that night, and this was the start of 'fact or fear', the first incarnation of 'three years in tibet'. this style of music was very different to me. it was dark, brooding, ambient...and above all, experimental. we made music out of anything, we just tweaked it a bit.

from 1984-86,mark amis and i wrote and recorded around 50 or 60 songs,with our crowning achievment, the release of the lp 'brittle branches'in 1985. this record was given airplay on several florida college radio stations,wfit in melbourne played it was available in many major record stores all over central and east coast florida in 85-86. also through a friend of mark amis who is in british radio, several copies of the lp was sent to england, and we were told later that it was well liked and given airplay .i recently talked to mark, and he told me a record collector had contacted him and purchased all his remaining copies . also i would like to mention mark valentine, who has been in guest spots in our recordings on his trusty bass, and deserves credit for composing several bass lines which are the backbone of this style of music, and also vig, for several colaborations with mark and i on music projects in the tyit tradition.
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2.the silent window
3.twilight ravine [ the cutting edge ]
4.beyond tibet
5.eye wonder
6.lost in a tear
7.the reflecting pool
8.if man dreams


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