Sunday, October 30, 2011

BREEDING GROUND - happy i know'' 7'' 1986

Breeding Ground was formed in Toronto in 1981 and subscribed to the cold wave mould of acts like New Order's school of rhythm. Their first release was an untitled 4 song 12" EP in 1982 on Mannequin Records and featured original drummer Ken Jones.

They would receive notoriety with the independent 12" single "Reunion"/"Slaughter" in 1983 on Fringe. It was quite successful at college radio stations and ended up selling out three pressings.

The follow-up LP, 1986's 'Tales Of Adventure', was produced by ex-Blue Peter guitarist Chris Wardman (who later joined the band for a short period) enlisting the help of Alta Moda singer Molly Johnson and Jason Sniderman on keyboards. The record made it to No.1 on the campus charts and No.60 on CFNY's "Best 86 of '86" based on the success of the single and video for "Happy Now I Know".


1.happy i know
2.this time tomorrow



  1. black out pa rin!!! di ka na-naman nag bayad ng kuryente mo no??

  2. I'm pretty sure I have Tales of Adventure somewhere... Thanks for the post.

  3. Hello guys! Very nice blog!
    I'm looking for a song from the 80's. I only remember part of the chorus - "when we were young" - and the song starts with the word yesterday. Well, I know this is not very helpful, but thanks anyway.

    Excuse my bad english ^^ Greetings from Brazil!