Friday, October 21, 2011

CANCER BARRACK - lucious ' ep 12' 1989

.Cancer Barrack was founded in 1987 after the split of CALLING DEAD RED ROSES. The music is described as Gothic-Rock, influenced by bands like BAUHAUS, KILLING JOKE, THE DANSE SOCIETY, CHRISTIAN DEATH... etc. While the 2 instrumentalists of CALLING DEAD RED ROSES, Hauke Harms and Thomas Lücke founded GIRLS UNDER GLASS, the singer of CDRR (Torsten Hammann) met the other 4 guys (Henning Lamp'l, Andreas Klatt, Thorsten Cichowski and Axel Ermes) to found CANCER BARRACK. Till their split-up in 1993 the band only released 2 albums ("Walking Through The Cancer Barrack" and "Leben") plus some Singles, EPs and a "Best Of..." but was well-known in the Gothic scene. Excessive and powerfull concerts in which singer and frontman Torsten Hammann when necessary threw out some people from the audience because they didn't "behave right" made them become an attractive live-band.... In 2008 a band called SCARLETT claims to be the lawful heir of Cancer Barrack. This is bullshit!!! It's a cheap attempt to defraud by a guy who once was a live bass-player for Cancer Barrack for only 6 months... The real Cancer Barrack repudiates in strongest terms any connection to this new band. CANCER BARRACK died in 1993 and there will never be a follow up...


1.king of death
2.themes of muldoror
5.when machines cry


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