Saturday, June 11, 2011

INCUBUS SUCCUBUS - beltaine 7'

Before forming Incubus Succubus, Tony McKormack (guitar) was in the horror punk band Screaming Dead from 1980 to 1985. McKormack, Candia Ridley (vocals) and Adam Henderson (bass) then formed a band called Belas Knapp, which they shortly changed to Incubus Succubus. From the outset the band had a very strong neo-pagan orientation. The first single, "Beltaine", and a matching EP, were recorded in 1989, as was the original version of the first album, "Belladonna And Aconite".[2] The line-up listed on the sleeve of the 7" Beltaine single is: Candia - Vocals, Tony McKormack - Guitars/Vocals, Adam Henderson - Bass, Jamie Gardner - Keyboards, Bob Gardener - Drums. However when the first pressing of the EP came back warped, several members left the band.........




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