Sunday, June 26, 2011

THE WIDOWED ISIS - i want to be' jim morrison 12' 1987

another band from australia' i don't know much about them' just the song jim morrison''' i believe this is the only record release' by this group...


1.white light
2.jim morrison [ i want to be ]



  1. I've been on the lookout for this extended play for some time. Any chance of posting the other two tracks from that 12" release please?

    In addition to that EP, Brian Zee and the boys released two 7" singles ... "Jim Morrison" (the same as the EP but with "Plastic Babies" on the B-side) in 1985, and "You Can't Make Me Burn" b/w "Live Your Life" in 1987. I'm not aware of any other releases.

    I guess you've probably seen the YouTube clip of "Jim Morrison" ...

    Aussie goths used to adore this band at the time LOL.

  2. I believe that is Tracey in the photo. She was Brian Zee's girlfriend at the time and a photographer. I used to attend a lot of their gigs.