Sunday, June 12, 2011

V/A ULTRAVIOLET ' 12' lp 1989

this is another various compilation including abecedarians and deathride 69.......


1.abecedarians - laugh at your self [ live ]
2.drowning pool - edith hold out
3.3d picnic - in their eyes
4.x-1 whiteman - during moss
5.electric cool aide - blue roses
6.death ride 69 - green gel blue
7.homeland - eleven is waiting from missouri - tundra
9.prison of socrates - sesso fantasma



  1. My friend, this is a great LP, and it is one of my favourite compilations ever. It has been posted before, but we should remind people every now and then about such great records. I really admire your work and your choice of records too.
    -The Psychopomp-

  2. thanks for this comment ' ten thousand eyes' and very welcome to this blog' did not know it was been posted at phoenix hairpins..